Fike expertly manufactures products that provide process safety and operational excellence.  From protecting people and critical assets from harm to increasing efficiency in the oil and gas industry, Fike has you covered.

  • Fire Protection

    From environmentally friendly clean agent and inert gas fire suppression systems to technologically advanced intelligent fire alarm systems, video image and early warning detection, Fike has the fire protection solution to fit your application.

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  • Explosion Protection

    Fike features a full line of explosion protection solutions including ATEX certified explosion vents, flameless explosion venting, explosion suppression systems, explosion isolation systems, and explosion detectors.

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  • Overpressure Protection

    Fike provides certified bursting discs to meet all applications for process industries including isolating pressure relief valves from corrosive materials, reducing involuntary emissions, insuring pressure relief in critical applications, bursting discs for sanitary/pharmaceutical processes.

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  • Pressure Activation

    Whether the application is onshore or offshore, topside or downhole, upstream or midstream, Fike has the expertise, history and reputation in manufacturing safety systems for equipment in high-pressure environments like drilling, completion and production of oil and gas.

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  • Markets

    Fike offers solutions which serve a diverse range of industries.  Learn what products are being used in key markets around the world to increase their operational safety and efficiency. 

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