ValvEx Passive Explosion Isolation Solution


ValvEx® is an explosion isolation valve that prevents explosions from spreading through industrial installations; protecting critical assets, and most importantly, the people who operate them. ValvEx is a ‘passive’ valve, meaning it is closed by the explosion pressure itself.

ValvEx is third party tested and ATEX certified, making it effective for use in processes which involve combustible materials often found in chemical, pharmaceutical, power, food and wood industries. The Fike ValvEx is designed to prevent flame and pressure propagation through pipes, ducts or conveying lines to interconnected process equipment or operating locations.

Vents and passive isolation are the ideal solution

Venting is the most commonly used method to protect dust collectors against destruction or deformation as a result of the excessive forces exerted by explosion pressure.

ValvEx and venting form an ideal combination to protect dust collectors. Both ValvEx and vents are passive explosion protection solutions, meaning they do not require detection nor controls to fulfill their safety function.

Protect people and property

A dust deposit with the thickness of a paper clip is sufficient to support explosion propagation throughout a process. Help avoid the risks of a propagating dust explosion by contacting a Fike expert to discuss ValvEx and venting solutions for your business.


Why ValvEx® is the best solution for you

Mechanical Locking Mechanism

  • Locks the flap against a seal in the case of a deflagration
  • Prevents unnecessary locking of the device
  • Easily resettable

Bulged stainless steel flap

  • Explosion Pressure Resistant
  • Lifts entirely out of body for easy cleaning and inspection
Dust Layer Accumulation

  • Monitors dust accumulation on the bottom of the valve
Fike Remote Site Tested

  • Proven to work in large scale testing conditions
Air Pulse Cleaning

  • Prevents dust accumulation in seal area
  • Suitable for high dust loads
  • Low Flow Velocities
ATEX Certified and NFPA compliant

  • Conforms to current regulations and standards
  • INERIS 17ATEX0008X according to EN16447