TWINFLEX SRP Extinguishing Control Panel Innovative, safe and cost-effective extinguishing release control


The TWINFLEX SRP is a Single hazard Releasing Panel that is suitable for use in any market that requires an EN 54 approved control panel. The unit is housed in an elegant enclosure with an intuitive user interface with an LCD text display.

TWINFLEX SRP can be used as a standalone solution, or can be interfaced to external fire safety systems through its versatile set of monitored inputs.


The TWINFLEX SRP offers unrivalled performance and a unique set of features that include three configuration options for the zonal inputs. Each of the 4 input zones can be configured as:

  • TWINFLEX – Allows the use of Fike’s TWINFLEX intelligent 2-wire devices, resulting in the ability to connect Multi-Function Detectors, Manual Release’s, Sounders and Beacons on the same 2-wire circuit – also provides more detailed device and fault type information
  • Conventional – Allows for the connection of standard conventional detectors, or;
  • Releasing – Defines the circuit to be used with Releasing Modules.

Remote Status Indicator

Remote Status Indicator (RSI)

The RSI is an active Remote Status Indicator that allows for the system status and control to be provided at secondary locations.


  • TWINFLEX SRP Extinguishing Control PanelCombined LED Indicators and LCD Text Display
  • 4 Programmable Zone Inputs
  • 5 Programmable Monitored Inputs
  • 3 Programmable Sounder / Beacon Circuits
  • 5 Relay Outputs (4 Programmable)
  • 2 Resettable 24Vdc Auxiliary Outputs
  • Programmable Discharge Timer
  • Event Log
  • RS485 Connection to up to 8 Remote Status Indicator panels
  • Direct USB Connection for programming via a PC
  • Up to 12 AH Battery Capacity


TWINFLEX SRP has functions that make it an ideal solution for the following applications:

  • Inert and Clean Agent
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Pre-Action
  • Sprinkler/Deluge
  • Water-mist
  • Aerosol Extinguishing Systems

TWINFLEX Multipoint ASD Detectors

TWINFLEX Multipoint ASD DetectorsUsing the Multipoint ASD detector as part of the TWINFLEX SRP detection circuit means that when a detector is wired to the system, a sounder and strobe can also be connected without extra installation time or cost. This greatly reduces the number of points that need to be installed and the time it takes to install. As Multipoint ASD offers 7 different modes of detection, the installation is made even simpler since one device suits all applications. Whatever type of detection is required, it can be selected by the flick of a switch at the time of commissioning – 3 different smoke modes, 2 fixed temperature heat modes, a rate of rise mode and a combination smoke or heat mode.

As the Multipoint ASD detector is available with, or without, a full specification integral 90 dBA sounder, no extra devices need to be purchased when audible warning is required. If extra sound is required, or for areas that do not require detection, then a choice of several different standalone sounders or sounder beacons can be used on the same two wires.


  • Two-Wire installation – only one circuit per zone to connect detectors and sounders – installation savings can be as high as 40%.
  • Call point identification
  • 7 modes of detection
  • Up to 32 devices per zone
  • Multipoint saves the cost of a sounder
  • Warning of head contamination, before going into false alarm

Releasing Modules

Solenoid Releasing Module (SRM)

Releasing Modules

The SRM is a module that controls the operation of the solenoid valve in a suppression system. The typical applications where the SRM can be used are for pre-action sprinkler, deluge, CO2, water mist and foam. The SRM can be used to monitor a Discharge Pressure switch to provide feedback to the Control Panel, that the releasing agent has been dumped into the protected space.

Traditional extinguishing control and releasing panels have the ability to operate either a single 24 Vdc solenoid or two 12 Vdc solenoids via their releasing circuits. The TWINFLEX SRP, in conjunction with the SRM, can operate two 24 Vdc solenoids or four 12 Vdc solenoids from a single releasing circuit.

Impulse Releasing Module (IRM)

Fike’s Impulse Valve Technology can offer significant advantages over traditional extinguishing release technologies. Impulse Valve Technology greatly improves the performance of clean agent fire suppression systems over mechanical valve systems, by combining the reliability and efficiency of a rupture disc, with the flexibility of electric actuation.

The IRM is a module that controls the operation of the Impulse Valve Operator (IVO). The IVO is activated by the IRM to dump the releasing agent from an Impulse Valve container during a fire emergency. The TWINFLEX SRP, in combination with an IRM, has the ability to operate up to six Impulse Valve Operators (IVO) per circuit. It is also possible to connect an additional six pneumatic actuators from each IVO, giving a potential of 42 cylinders from a single releasing circuit.