S-Series Performance Vent Rectangular version, single layer


The S-Series Performance Vent is a single layer explosion vent panel designed for near-atmospheric applications. This basic, economic vent panel is designed, manufactured and supported to the highest Fike standards. Its unique design guarantees best in class lifespan in pulsating applications and an outstanding leak resistance.

All applicable requirements of European Standard EN14797 Explosion Venting Devices and NFPA68 Guide for Venting of Deflagrations are met with this design.

  • Leak resistant
  • Best in class cycle life proven through extensive testing
  • Venting efficiency up to 100% according to EN14797
  • Integrated hold down frame and gaskets
  • No moving parts and essentially maintenance-free
  • Non-fragmenting
  • ATEX certified
  • Optional rupture indicator – Can be supplied fitted or separate for retro-fitting


Design Rectangular version, single layer
Burst pressure / tolerance 100 mbarg ± 25 mbarg at 22°C
Ambient temperature range -20°C up to 60°C