PROLINE Linear Temperature Sensing


The PROLINE digital linear temperature sensing cable can provide both fire prevention and fire detection at any point of risk or for area protection applications. It can be used in all environments including hazardous areas. No minimum length exposure is required as the sensor cable detects at any and all points along its length.

PROLINE’s TH temperature sensing cable is manufactured as 2 twisted and tensioned tin plated copper coated steel conductors. Around each conductor is extruded temperature sensitive material, which softens at its pre-determined temperature. At that temperature, the conductors come together to produce the required alarm signal. In the event of mechanical damage at temperatures below its alarm threshold the conductor’s extrusion is maintained resulting in an open circuit fault signal.

Sensor cables are suitable for continued use within dirty, dusty, damp environments, areas of limited access and surveillance. As a combined cable and detector the sensor cable can be installed close to the risk or at ceiling or roof height.



  • Low cost and fast response. 
  • Interfaces with all Fire Alarm control panels and addressable modules.
  • Approved for up to 10.6m spacing.
  • 92.1 ohms/conductor/km maximum resistance.
  • Overheat – Prevention of Fire.
  • Incipient Fire – Detection.
  • Continuous monitoring – 100% length of sensor.
  • Not affected by RFI or EMC.
  • Not restricted by local ambient temperatures.
  • F.M. Approved and U.L. Listed.
  • ATEX certified – zener barrier in hazardous areas.
  • Use in temperatures -40 to +125 DegC.
  • Alarm temperatures +68 to +185 DegC.
  • Section replacement of sensor cable after alarm.
  • Optional interface unit range – multiple outputs.

Typical Applications

  • Car parks
  • Warehouses – including freezer warehouses and rack storage
  • Tunnels
  • Rail – Rolling Stock, Platforms & Escalators
  • Engine bays
  • Plant rooms
  • On & off road vehicles
  • Marine vessels
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Waste recycling