Precise Vision Fire Detection Graphics Systems Event Management Software and Computer Graphics


Fike offers the best solutions in graphic monitoring of intelligent fire suppression systems at a cost that fits your budget. These event management packages directly interface with your fire system, allowing you detailed, visual information on exactly what is happening in your facility so the safest, most efficient action can be taken.

Precise Vision – an easy to configure, intuitive, windows-based event management system designed to help facility managers and personnel quickly assess and react to alarm and trouble situations. Precise Vision monitors all Fike intelligent systems and provides complete device detail and event updates, with just a few clicks.

  • Zoom in and out of floor plans to view all conditions, routes, shut-offs and hazards
  • Quickly navigate to floors and locations of events
  • Display event history and progression
  • Email alerts directly to key personnel
  • Save hours of input time during initial start-up by downloading from the Cheetah Xi configuration program
  • And much, much more!

Fike Precise Vision software


Intelligent LED Graphics Used with the intelligent Cheetah Xi® Fire Suppression Panel

Intelligent Graphic Annunciators

Fike Intelligent Graphic Annunciators are designed to be used with Fike’s intelligent Cheetah Xi fire detection & control panel. These annunciators provide a graphic display of the protected area using LEDs to indicate the location of smoke detectors or other intelligent devices. LEDs can be individually programmed to illuminate for selected individual addresses or zones for certain states such as alarm or trouble. These annunciator panels combine custom design with rugged construction and house all fire alarm modules required for a custom designed panel. There are currently six basic sizes of enclosures available, each capable of being flush or surface mounted and intelligent graphic annunciators are available in a black enclosure. Optional background colors and trim rings are also available.

Conventional LED Graphics Used with the SHP-PRO® Fire Suppression Panel

Conventional Graphic Annunciators

Fike Graphic Annunciator panels provide a customized graphic display of the protected area using LED’s to indicate the location of smoke detectors and other devices. This conventional LED panel is ruggedly constructed of steel with a plexiglass window and has the flexibility to house all fire alarm modules. Fike’s conventional LED graphics enclosures are currently available in six sizes, all of which can be flush or surface mounted. Optional trim rings are available.