LARGE ATLAS Bursting Disc


The LARGE ATLAS is a ground breaking industry solution where safety relief valves are not a viable alternative and holders with knife blades are no longer desired. The LARGE ATLAS has a wide range of market applications and is especially well-suited for chemical manufacturing, oil & gas and refineries.

The LARGE ATLAS bursting disc is an extension of Fike’s current ATLAS bursting disc product offering. LARGE ATLAS utilizes the proven and patented G2 manufacturing technology to produce bursting discs with improved performance characteristics such as full vacuum/back pressure resistance, 95% operating ratio and large standard burst pressure offering.


All disc families in the G2 product line represent a clean break from traditional disc manufacturing processes.  The engineering methods used to develop and validate these products have provided industry leading performance characteristics across all pressure, material and size configurations. The advanced automated processes defining the G2 technology significantly increase lot to lot consistency helping to provide fast, economical industry solutions with its improved reliability.

Size Range: 14″ – 16″ – 18″ – 20″ – 24″ – 26″ – 28″ – 30″ – 32″ – 36″ – 42″
Burst Pressure Range: 3.25 to 250 PSI (.22 to 17.2 bar)
Tolerances: ± 5% (>20 PSIG)





  • Tubular reactor
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking

LARGE ATLAS Features And Benefits

Uses the innovative and patented Fike G2 Manufacturing Technology

  • Elimination of high stress concentrations
  • Excellent Cyclic Durability – Optimal Service Life
  • High Back Pressure Resistance

Use of Holders without Knife Blades

  • Reduced Investments
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
 Ideal for Replacing Large Diameter Safety Relief Valves

  • Reduced Investments
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
Both Gas and Liquid Applications with Minimum Free Vapor Volume
Suitable for 95% Operating Ratio

  • Higher Process Performances – Output
Industry Best Performance Tolerances

  • ± 5% Standard
Full Vacuum Resistance Best Leak Tightness
Non-Fragmenting Opening Largest Nominal Size