GD Series or Graphite Bursting Disc Graphite


Made from phenolic resin-impregnated graphite, Fike Graphite bursting discs offer excellent corrosion resistance.

  • No holders (mounts between companion flanges) for easy installation
  • Easily customisable to the customer’s exact specifications
  • For GD Discs in vacuum service (GDV), a vacuum support will be required if the burst pressure is less than 1.38 barg.
  • GDI SERIES (inverted) bursting discs typically are supplied in higher burst ratings and are produced for Class 150, Class 300 and equivalent flange ratings.
  • GDL SERIES bursting discs extend corrosion resistance to highly oxidizing agents, halogens and virtually all other corrosives (except free fluorine), and are suitable for specified temperatures up to 221°C without insulation.
  • GDHT, GDIHT, GDLHT SERIES Insulated discs accommodate specified temperatures up to 350°C. They utilise fibrous silica and alumina, which are not suitable for liquid applications as they can be attacked by hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids or concentrated alkalis.


Design Graphite


Size Range 15 – 600 mm 0.50 – 24 in
Burst Pressure Range 0.25 – >1000 PSIG 0.02 – >68.95 BARG 0.04 – >70.31 KG/CM2



GD Series Rupture Disc Chart

GD Series Bursting Disc Chart


  • Glass Lined Reactors
  • Acidic/Corrosive Service