Fireraser Small Space Fire Suppression System


The loss of a single computer server, the temporary shutdown of a production line or the crashing of an order-processing machine can cost a business thousands of dollars per hour in lost revenue.

The Fireraser® clean agent fire suppression system from Fike provides economical, on-board fire suppression for everything from computer cabinets (in-cabinet fire suppression) to CNC machines, medical imaging equipment, electrical closets and even small data centers. Whether you’re a business that depends on a small server rack or a big business that wants to protect critical equipment from fire, the Fireraser clean agent fire protection system is the answer.

Fireraser is:

  • Specifically designed for small space fire protection and in-cabinet fire suppression
  • Economical, pre-engineered, all-in-one clean agent fire protection
  • Very easy to install and maintain.
  • Fire protection without the damaging side-effects of water
  • Environmentally safe using either DuPont™ FE-25™, FM-200® or FE-227™

The Fireraser system is an all-in-one, flexible fire protection that can be configured to protect a variety of hazards. The concept is simple:

Fireraser small space fire suppression system

1. Clean agent is stored in a small, pressurized container of 5- to 35-pounds. That’s fire protection for volumes up to 1,100 cubic feet with only one container.

2. The container is connected to a simple network made of standard copper or black pipe and compression or threaded fittings.

3. When the container is actuated , either manually or automatically through its unique valve, the clean agent is released from the container, flows through the pipe network, out of the nozzle(s) and into the protected space, extinguishing the fire.


  • Computer cabinets
  • Small data rooms
  • CNC machines
  • Electrical Closets
  • Archive storage rooms
  • Medical Imaging Equipment