Emergency Power Shutdown Management System Coordinate System Emergency Power Shutdown


Fike’s EPSMS (Emergency Power Shutdown Management System) is designed to consolidate and control equipment emergency power off in a timely, efficient and coordinated manner. This system improves the reliability of Emergency Power Off (EPO) controls – reducing the chance of an accidental activation and expensive interruption to your business.

EPO stations are a safety feature intended to power down information technology (IT) equipment, a data center or an entire facility in an emergency such as fire, flood and HVAC failure resulting in overheating of sensitive equipment – thus protecting the facility and personnel. Arguably one of the most important safety features of any IT, data center or equipment room, EPO circuitry is increasingly mandated by many local jurisdictions.

Emergency Power Shutdown Management System (EPSMS) illustration

Fike’s EPSMS is used in many applications to:

  • De-energize equipment during a fire
  • Close fire dampers and turn off ventilation and cooling equipment to contain fire and maintain proper concentration of fire suppressant
  • Safely shutdown equipment during a flood or sprinkler system discharge
  • Help protect fire department personnel from electrocution when fighting a fire

Fike’s EPSMS addresses all the concerns of a typical EPO installation and effectively consolidates, controls and monitors all power off circuits. In addition, the UL-listed EPSMS system greatly reduces the chance of accidental EPO activation and improves your system restart time if the EPO is activated for any reason. That’s peace of mind.

Emergency Power Shutdown Management System (EPSMS) design features chart



  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Elevator machine rooms
  • Water treatment plants
  • Electrical rooms