Chemical Explosion Isolation Rapid Discharge, Chemical Explosion Suppressant


Chemical Explosion Isolation is achieved through a rapid discharge of a chemical explosion suppressant to prevent the flame from continuing through to other areas of your process system. An explosion detector initiates the release of the extinguishing agent when it detects a deflagration pressure or flame front – preventing the propagation of flame and burning materials.

Fike explosion suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages, before an explosion can cause damage to the equipment or escalate into a catastrophic event. While unsuppressed explosion pressures can reach dangerous levels in less than 50 milliseconds, Fike suppression technology can detect and respond in approximately one millisecond, averting a potential disaster. And since explosion suppression systems do not release flame or other particulates, it is a natural choice when toxic materials are being handled, equipment is located indoors, or venting could expose personnel to dangerous pressure/flame discharge.

Fike is the leader in suppressing all classes of dust, gas and hybrid explosion hazards. Fike’s innovative actuators release suppressant agents with remarkable speed and have a 10-year shelf life. Patented container and nozzle designs minimise flow restrictions, extinguishing the explosion faster and minimising pressure build-up inside process equipment. The simple design of the suppression container has no moving parts or wear points, providing greater reliability over many years.

Advantages of a Fike explosion suppression system

  • Suppresses Class ST III dust explosion hazards – offering your business the highest level of industrial explosion protection.
  • Patented dispersion nozzles provide full coverage and increase agent discharge velocity.
  • The control circuit design provides continued service even if two of the wires become severed.
  • Options are available for a variety of agents and sanitary applications.