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New Cylinder Sizes Available for Fike’s Impulse Range

Fike Impulse Valve

Fike is pleased to announce that the 5ltr, 9ltr and 16ltr cylinder variants are available to complement the Fike Impulse range. There are now a range of cylinders to cover the majority of fire suppression applications; from 5ltr up to 150ltr.

The 5ltr, 9ltr, 16ltr, 26ltr and 45ltr come with the 25mm Impulse valve; whilst the 83ltr and 150ltr continue with the 80mm Impulse valve.

Sizes 5ltr through to 45ltr are available in Pre-Engineered form which gives confirmation of the design without having to complete a hydraulic calculation.

For further information, including details of the Pre-Engineered design parameters, please download the FM-200 Agent Storage Container Component Sheet.

Fike’s Impulse Valve Technology can offer significant advantages over traditional extinguishing release technologies. Impulse Valve Technology greatly improves the performance of clean agent fire suppression systems over mechanical valve systems, by combining the reliability and efficiency of a rupture disc, with the flexibility of electric actuation.