Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry includes a wide range of companies, including those involved in the processing of raw food materials and the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of food and drink. Focused on technology, food and beverage companies of today face rising costs, increasing emphasis on brand reputation and unique demands for quality control and sanitary performance.

Explosion Protection Systems

Explosions and resulting fires are two of the most dangerous occurrences that can happen in a Food & Beverage manufacturing process. Fike has developed explosion protection solutions, which channel a deflagration into a safe area and/or quickly suppress any explosive activity. In fact, Fike has a complete line of explosion protection products, including those specifically designed for sanitary applications:
  • Explosion vents
  • Flameless explosion venting
  • Explosion suppression
  • Explosion isolation systems
  • Standard and custom explosion testing (in accordance with applicable ASTM and CEN Standards)

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Pressure Relief / Bursting Discs

Fike has decades of experience in designing reliable and accurate bursting disc products – including bursting discs built specifically for use in the Food and Beverage industry. Designed to protect the process and equipment AND meet the industry’s strict hygienic and sanitary requirements, Fike bursting discs help you to improve performance reliability and to extend the service life of your equipment!
  • Comprehensive selection of ASME, CE and 3-A bursting discs
  • Complete line of overpressurisation products designed for CIP/SIP applications
  • Bursting Disc products designed to protect your Safety Relief Valves

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Fire Protection Systems

Critical to the daily operation of most Food & Beverage companies are critical assets that must be protected from catastrophic events such as a fire. Fike has several environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems designed to protect irreplaceable records and archive areas from fire and subsequent water damage inflicted by sprinklers and other water-based fire suppression systems.

And since it requires no clean up, there is minimal business interruption – that is not only protection for your archives, but your bottom line.