Data Centre

Fire Suppression / Protection

Data Centres are the new factories of the digital age and their contents require constant and failsafe protection. Today’s organisations process and store vast amounts of business data and intellectual property in data centres. Service disruption, downtime and loss of data are a major concern.

While data centre outages can occur for various reasons, fire protection is a simple preventative tool to ensure the most favourable conditions and remove unnecessary vulnerability.

Data centres need fast-acting fire suppression solutions to protect critical assets and safeguard business continuity. Inert gas suppression systems offer better protection and less risk of downtime.

The next generation in inert gas fire suppression is PROINERT2. Expanding on the sophisticated PROINERT technology, PROINERT2 is at the forefront in fire protection solutions. It goes beyond providing a natural, efficient way to protect valuable assets. PROINERT2 gives greater design choices and reliability in a cost-effective way.

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