Because so much is at stakeTM. This isn’t just a tagline at Fike. We believe every employee who touches the company’s products – whether consulting, selling, designing, manufacturing, quality control, shipping, etc. – is a stakeholder entrusted with holding safe whatever is most at risk for the companies and organisations Fike serves. Our customers expect nothing less.

Protection of life and critical assets is the purpose of our business. It means our products must perform consistently to avoid any possibility of a disaster. Our success relies heavily on reputation, trust and especially, on products built with absolute precision.

To remain a leader in the industries it serves, Fike continually looks for ways to create new solutions for current or emerging challenges, make operations more efficient and retain and develop a workforce ready to meet today’s global manufacturing challenges. A standing corporate strategic imperative is to enhance global knowledge and information sharing on product innovations, best practices, customer intelligence and promotion of the Fike brand.

Fike has been a family-owned and operated business since it was founded in 1945. Our success has been built on a strong foundation of talented and dedicated employees who work hard to provide our customers with innovative solutions and personalised customer service. Hiring and retaining top talent is a priority at Fike. Our environment supports both personal and professional growth because we know that’s a winning combination for all of us.